Help us to change lives in Uganda

Kanaama Interactive Community Support aims to help the people of Kashare county in South West Uganda, where nearly 20 per cent of the people live below the extreme poverty level. More than 1,000 of the children are orphaned or vulnerable, and a third of the women cannot read or write.

We raise money in the UK to change lives through a series of small locally-run projects, including a Saturday club providing counselling and extra teaching for vulnerable children, literacy groups for women, training in sustainable agriculture and a micro-credit scheme.

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking 164th out of 187 on the Human Development Index. Of the 23,000 people living in Kashare, 4,000 live on less than $1.25 a day. More than 1,000 children are orphaned or vulnerable, largely because of HIV/AIDS. The extreme poverty in which many people live can lead to other health problems.

KICS helped 80 children with counselling, extra lessons and school uniform in 2016. Our literacy classes have helped more than 200 women, and a flourishing microcredit scheme made more than 200 loans in 2016.

Help us to strengthen and extend this vital work

Orphans and needy children

We support orphans and needy children by paying school fees, providing uniform and running a Saturday centre with food, activities and counselling. Of the 23,000 people in the area, 1,000 are orphans or vulnerable children, mostly because of HIV/AIDS. The project,...

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Farming and microcredit

Our microcredit programme helps women with small loans for food growing or to start a business. Since it began in 2010 we have made 1,316 loans to 1,002 women. The scheme has enabled women to become more self-sufficient, and in some cases to make enough money to send...

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Literacy for women

The Women’s Empowerment through Learning Literacy  (WELL) project develops literacy among the women of Kashare, where at present 35 per cent of women cannot read or write. The first cohort of 116 joined the project in July 2015 and still meet regularly. The groups of...

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English language for children

The English Learning Scheme aims to use interactive teaching to improve primary school children’s skills in English, which is vital if they are to get into secondary education, and for them to take part in public life in Uganda.  The scheme began in December 2015 with...

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